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Stella’s Music


Stella’s Music

Author: Yohei Yamada  Composer: Hirofumi Mogi Translation: Alexandre Leroi-Cortot

From your star, far so far away

What harmonies, what melodies

Or gentle music can one hear play?

All the whispering and twinkling from my star

Could you hear them so far?

All the beautiful sounds that are awaiting me

Deep in my heart will never cease to affect me

This glittering, this radiant hope awaiting

Expecting you, expecting me

All the joyful sounds, the sorrowful sounds

Dressed in red and blue, flying away, dancing around

Like countless secrets from a world yet to be found

What kind of place is your star?

What sounds, what harmonies come out of your star?

Ten billion light years ahead

Rejoining us beyond time and space

A single and celestial sound bringing us closer

Quiet and ethereal harmonies echoing forever

An unknown fable, a forgotten story

That binds us together only you and me

Author: Yohei Yamada

Artist, director, dancer, choreographer and independent director/producer. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Art and Design at the University of Tsukuba. Having worked as a freelance dancer in Tokyo and Berlin, he is currently living in Ishikawa Prefecture. His creative career which began during his years of study, is far from being limited to the sole field of dance. Collaborating with many artists in the field of opera, contemporary music, theatre and contemporary art, he has had the opportunity to perform his works both in Japan and abroad.

Illustrations: Hisa

Born and educated in Obama, Fukui Prefecture, Hisa started her career as an artist/illustrator in 1999. She regularly proposes art and illustration workshops using pastel and coloured pencil techniques. Currently living and working in Kanazawa in Ishikawa Prefecture, her works are very recognizable and characterized by her use of blue tones and the integration of gold leaf. She has had the opportunity to present her work, entitled "Aoi Sekai - the world in blue" in various parts of Japan.

Composer: Hirofumi Mogi

Graduating in composition at the Tokyo Conservatory of Music, his work as a composer has been awarded numerous prizes, including the Yamakyo 21 Prize, the Toru Takemitsu Prize and the Akutagawa Prize. In addition to creating numerous works for concert and video, he wrote the music for the musical drama "The Music of Estelle" by Yohei Yamada. His works are published and distributed by Tokyo Hustle Copy.

Translation: Alexandre Leroi-Cortot

A Frenchman born in Provence, Alexandre Leroi Cortot moved to Ishikawa Prefecture in western Japan in 2006. A Hyperpolyglot, he has worked as an author, translator and teacher. He also pursues a semi-professional activity as a pianist and artist-illustrator, using in particular the technique of paper-cutting and shadow theatre. He has been exhibiting his work as an artist since 2013 and performing as a solo pianist.

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